Reasons that Job Hunting is a pain!

I’ve been following an active post on LinkedIn about recruitment agencies. Issues about them not giving feedback and following up applications.

Whilst I sympathise that they have lots of applicants for vacancies there is no excuse to overlook the CV of someone they say sounds just the ticket on the phone!
Another thing that gets my goat is the ‘non-existent’ jobs. You know the ones..earn £6-£80 hour doing surveys… I’ve been doing surveys for ages, you generally get filtered out and you CANNOT earn a living from completing them.
There’s also the ‘Customer Service’ people needed over 100 to start now.. you read the advert only to discover that it is marketing and the same company ALL the time.
Then of course there are the totally blatant lies on the phone. FOr example, one agency rung me saying I was ideal for a vacancy with a bank in Bristol. He told me which bank and all I had to do was tweak my CV a bit for him to pass it to the bank.
After the call I looked up the bank website and their careers pages. The vacancy for the job ran out in November and he called me in February. I called the bank and spoke to their recruitment manager who said the job was filled in November and was no longer valid. He also said it was NEVER advertised by an agency. So the recruitment consultant was lying..


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