Week 49 and 50 #Project365 – 2014

Busy couple of weeks for us. Getting some christmas shopping done, one of which was me going to town on my own with the intention of looking for ideas to give hubby to buy a ‘surprise’ present to open on Christmas day. I couldn’t find anything.. I have enough clothing, smellies, body lotions etc. I really don’t need anything other than a new phone.
Oh yes – new phone – I’ve bought a Sony M2 to replace my aging Sony Arc. This will be my pressie off hubby.  It’s bigger than my Arc so won’t fit in my Golla case so I’m on the hunt now for a replacement case!

The grandsons’ have been to visit us a couple of times. Ashley is his usual happy, bouncy self and Theo has started smiling and giggling. He’s now 3 months old, the time has gone so quickly.

We put the Christmas tree and decorations up this week. We usually put the tree in the bay but decided to put it in one corner of the living room. The old lights failed so we had to buy some new ones. I’ve resisted temptation and not bought any new decorations for it this year!!

Our son in Oz is on his way home. They are in Los Angeles and Sacramento until Monday and will arrive in the UK on Tuesday. They had a bit of a blip to the travel arrangements last friday when he discovered that he needs a bridging visa to get back into Oz. But it was all sorted much to our relief!

And that’s about it for the past 2 weeks. Not very exciting but at least we’re having an exciting and busy time over Christmas.

Here’s the best of the last 2 weeks.

soosie wales, christmas grandchildren


  • Ashley loves playing with his garage – just like his daddy!
  • Christmas tree with new lights. Do I have enough baubles on there? 
  • New phone – squee…. 
  • Theo giving us a chuckle
  • Ashley – blowing building bricks out of his mouth 
  • Ashley – He’s playing with a roll of sellotape and trying to unstick his hands here!

Hope you’re all ready for Christmas – I’m looking forward to seeing pictures of decorations and that bliddy Elf!!

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Week 45 and 46 #Project365 – 2014

Here I am catching up again!! Work has been going reasonably well and this week is the last one of us ‘doubling up’ to be able to help each other.  Then I start training for the other part of my job!

The Grandsons’ are doing well, Ashley has to wear glasses to help with the turns in his eyes.  Baby Theo is growing so quickly and has started smiling at everyone.

I’ve been making my Christmas Puddings, the fruit was soaking for 2 days in a mixture of Jack Daniels and Glayva. I used a dark IPA beer in the main mix. They smelled divine and the small ‘cook’s perks’ ones tasted great. The 2 big ones are now wrapped up and maturing in the bottom of the fridge.

Oh did I tell you that our son in Australia is coming home for Christmas? I can’t tell you how excited and happy this makes me and Hubby. :)

Hubby got a bit fed up with the plants on the kitchen window sill, so on my day off last week we went to a local garden centre to buy some new ones. They have an AMAZING range of christmas decorations, baubles, lights, trees, wreaths.. absolutely loads.. I could have spent a fortune but I resisted.

No Orange Wednesday for the last 2 weeks. Horns was only showing at 6pm (to early to have dinner before and too late to eat after..) and we both didn’t fancy sitting for 3 hours to watch Interstellar.. Numb Bum!!

So that’s my last 2 weeks – not very exciting but life as it happens!

I had a few more photos but deleted them off my phone after thinking they had transferred to my Dropbox but they hadn’t.. bummer

soosie wales, christmas,

Above :

  • Finished puddings.
  • Cooks perk – half bottle of a rather nice dark IPA. 
  • Christmas decorations  – tree at one shop and about 10% of the decorations at the garden centre. 
  • What 5:40 am looks like when you’re waiting for a lift.
  • Christmas pud mixture – have a stir and make a wish. 

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Week 44 #Project365 – 2014

Another busy week with me working 5 out of 7 days. Oh and I HATE the clocks going back!! There was I just getting used to getting up at 5am and now I’m waking up at 4am!!

Work was better this week as we’re getting used to the processes and working it all out for ourselves most of the time. It still astounds me that this huge company doesn’t work from SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) or at least a step by step guide.  The only guides they have are pretty basic and don’t tell you what to do when you can’t balance the Cash Office!!

We were hoping to have Ashley for the day on Monday but son forgot that they had other plans so we didn’t get to see him and the baby until Friday.

The rest of the week flew by in a whizz of work and catching up on competitions and emails.  It’s great having hubby at home as he ‘keeps house’, I ring him on the way out of work and by the time I get home a mug of tea and lunch are on the coffee table waiting for me. #LuckyGirl

Managed to get to the cinema this week for Orange Wednesday. We saw Gone Girl,  I wasn’t expecting much as I’m not a lover of Ben Affleck but the reviews were good so thought we’d give it a try. It is a very interesting film with good twists.. can’t say more as it’ll be a spoiler. Ok Affleck is just a big wooden stick and is rather bland but it is worth watching if you like a good psychological thriller.

On my trawl through my emails I came across one from Sky which said I could now display my photos on my TV via their Sky+ App. How cool is that!!  I can take photos with my tablet, open the app and show them on the TV. The wonders of modern technology!!

Here’s this weeks pick of the best.

soosie wales, grandsons, cat, ladybird

  • A Twitter win from Carte Noir. I was surprised how nicely produced this little book is. 
  • Molly Cat – still living outdoors.. Still won’t come in.. Silly moggy. 
  • Probably the last Ladybird of the season. 
  • Theo – he has 2 modes, sleeping and drinking his bottle. 
  • Ashley – Quiet boy on Friday as he was poorly the day before. 

How was your week?

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Week 41 – 43 #Project365 – 2014 Catch up


Well hello again – I’ve been AWOL for 3 weeks!
Busy girl with training for the new job and working extra hours to get our processes in place at the new store.  I don’t know how all the Mummys’ manage to work, blog, keep home and look after children and still find time to do this project. I’ve been pretty much fit for nothing! (In my defence I have to get up at 5am and not getting home much before 3pm and by 7 or 8pm I’m off in dreamland!!)
I have taken a photo everyday – (I promise) some are quite boring, garden, leaves, spiders, journey to work – so I’m only posting a selection from the last 3 weeks. I must admit it even crossed my mind to give up,  but as we’re so close to the end of another year I’ve decided to brave it and tough it out! Besides TBAM and Elaine (Fun with Gran) will shout at me!!
Week 41
Sunday/Monday – training
Tuesday – catching up at home
Wednesday – Orange Wednesday for the Equaliser. Good story very dark character played by Denzel Washington. Parts of the film are quite brutal. It makes you wonder how it will all end.
Thursday, a few hours at the new store, lots of tail ends of processes and procedures still to finalise. All a bit hit and miss for now.
Friday training again – nothing much Saturday – food shopping.
Week 42 – 
Sunday last day of training.
Monday – New store opened  – start at 6am to get the tills filled with cash. Customers started queuing up at 8am for the 10am opening. We had a male voice choir singing at the opening, it got VERY busy – I was pretty glad I’m back office and after half hour on the shop floor we beat a hasty retreat back to the office!!
Tuesday – day off – catching up at home,  and tidying up my notes for work so I can make sense of how we do things.
Wednesday – Friday in work – getting frustrated at being trained one way and our support person for the week have a different way of doing EVERYTHING – and rushing us along. Very annoying!!
No Orange Wednesday – just too tired!!
Saturday – a well deserved day off to recharge the batteries.
Week 43 – 
Sunday – Horrid day in work – started at 6:30am and didn’t finish until 4:30pm.  How I didn’t tell them to stick the job where the sun don’t shine I don’t know!!
Monday – Day off – relaxed at home watching films with Hubby and visited friends.
Tuesday to Friday – in work – feeling better with no support and us 3 ladies working it all out for ourselves using our training notes to get things done. Management seem pleased at how well we’re doing, which is a bonus!
Oh yes and on Thursday the grandsons came for a visit. Baby Theo is now 10lbs and doing well. Ashley is his usual bouncy self. His speech is coming along nicely too – thank goodness.
No Orange Wednesday -Both of us not feeling too good, we both got some bug giving us headaches and gippy tums.
Saturday – reviewing pictures from last 3 weeks and realising how similar many of them are!!
Also made some Pumpkin Soup - yummy!!
soosie wales, autumn, grandchildren


  • Autumn leaves, debris and sunshine. 
  • Theo fast asleep – he looks so much like his brother at the same age. 
  • Cuddles with Grandad and Ashley playing games on Daddy’s iphone. 
  • Ashley showing us a drawing from Nursery. 

Hope you’ve all been keeping well!

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Week 40 #Project365 – 2014

Work is going well, it’s all making more sense this week. I still have the Admin role to train on and I don’t think the management team is impressed that I’ve not done any of that yet. Their fault.. you can’t expect someone to learn 2 roles in under 3 weeks, I’m now booked to start Admin training at another store!

Been on a few short walks and also spent some time walking around Caerleon taking even more photos of the Amphitheatre and Roman Barracks. It’s done me good this week to get back out in the open air taking photos of random things. I feel energized again.

Orange Wednesday – A Walk Among the Tombstones – Liam Neeson’s latest film. Good drama/thriller about an ex-cop come private investigator. He gets involved with looking for men who are abducting women and then asking for ransom. Only the perpetrators are also sadistic killers.
Not filled with action but does move at a good pace. Let’s face it Liam Neeson is usually a safe bet in any film.. Yes??

Thursday a visit to see son, DIL and the boys. Theo is doing well and is now 8lbs and tends to sleep a lot too.  Ashley is very tender with him and when he’s dishing out kisses he gives babba one too!

We looked after Ashley for a bit on Friday whilst Mummy and Daddy did some food shopping. He loves being outdoors and we decided to show him some wildlife – spiders and ants! There was a spider on one of (many) webs in the garden and he thought it was fun to blow on the spider to see it move. He also noticed one on a web by the back door and some ants running along the patio.

Taking it easy on Saturday catching up with competitions and reading some blogs.
While finishing off this post I just had this conversation with other half:

Him: Catching up on competitions are you?
Me: No, doing the photo post and then commenting on some from last week, I’ve not done any yet!!
Him: Arh, why bother? you haven’t got time now.
Me:: What?? not likely I’m not giving up something I’ve been doing for nearly 3 years.
Him : ok no need to bite my head off…


soosie wales, caereleon, children, autumn


  • Sleepy Theo
  • The new store –  nearly ready for open day.
  • Not just any brick wall – this one is Roman and over 2 thousand years old. The Romans sure knew how to build to last!! Caerleon Ampitheatre.
  • Autumn is here.
  • Investigating a spider.
  • Church clock tower – Did you know that a lot of christian clock towers only have 3 faces?? The forth blank side represents the catholics who don’t / won’t contribute to the church.

Hope you’ve all had a great week.
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Week 39 #Project365 – 2014

My week started at 5am on Sunday when the alarm went off- first day of work in over 4 years.  I felt a little apprehensive but not nervous at all.
There’s a lot to take in and it was rather annoying to discover that there will be no formal training only ‘on the job’ training done by the ladies in another store.  There are no SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) to work from and I was rather surprised that such a huge company does not work from SOPs or any formal written down procedures. Perhaps I’m paranoid as I’ve written and presented training sessions, written SOPs and been part of a management team and am a very process driven person.

Monday – Visit to the dentist for hubby after cracking one of molars on a hard sweet! While he was being seen,  I went to the local coffee shop for a flat white.

Tuesday – Tidying up the garden and putting the plants and bench back into place on the new patio. In the afternoon we had a visit from son, DIL and the boys. Ashley is very gentle with the baby and doesn’t appear to be fazed by him at all..The only picture I have of them this week is one my son took.

Wednesday / Thursday / Friday – Working girl!! The management has come to the conclusion that 18 hours a week for 2 weeks won’t be enough time to learn the full job (well Duh!! I did say at the induction session!!) So money is now no object and we can come in as often as we want to get to grips with the job.  So for the last 3 days there has been lots of note taking and understanding about half of the processing. Still a long way to go. With 6am starts and addled brain by the time I came home there have been no pictures.. oops..

No Orange Wednesday – we were going to see Walk among the Tombstones but I was too bliddy knackered! We’ll go next week as I have Wednesday off.

Saturday – it was nice to have a proper breakfast with hubby, I’ve missed his constant stream of mugs of tea!!

Hope you’ve had a good week :)



soosie wales, patio, grandchildren, coffee


  • the path from the kitchen to the garage
  • the finished patio
  • sleepy boys
  • civilised coffee and kindle 


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