Week 33 #Project365 – 2014

Not a busy week. No long walks as I’ve still got a painful foot.

Sunday / Monday – Pottered about the house – tidying and cleaning.

Tuesday – We looked after Ashley for a few hours. We built houses with his mega blocks, scooted cars, tickled, looked at books, watched Peppa and fed his toy cat a biscuit.
Seeing him smile and laugh brightens any day.

Wednesday – No Orange Wednesday this week. Nothing out that we wanted to watch.  We went blackberrying instead. Picked around 2 kilos..enough for 5 boxes to make a decent sized crumble for us both!

Thursday – shopping at Tesco. Found an offer for Kelloggs cereal 3 for £4. Looked along the shelves to find what we wanted…but some ranges were not in the offer.. I asked a staff member if Special K was included and he said ‘no, only selected ranges’.
I pointed out that the shelve edge didn’t say that.
I’ve taken it up with their Facebook team..waiting for an answer. I’m not being fobbed off..

Friday – Bought some new PJs in Asda Living sale. Nandos opening soon at the Retail Park. Overpriced spicy chicken anyone?

Saturday – catching up on competitions I saw a funny captcha!

soosie wales, #365, tesco, blackberries, captcha

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Week 32 #Project365 – 2014

Gosh week 32 already. I don’t know what keeps me going to be honest. Perhaps it’s now a habit or knowing I have a few regulars that pop by most weeks.  This week it was a chat with the other #365 Nana that kept me going with thoughts and ideas. Thank you Elaine.. :)

I’ve not been able to go for long walks as my feet have been painful, I suffer from dry and cracked heels – it’s my own fault as I’m barefoot unless I go out past the gate! I’ve been slathering on the heel cream when I remember! Continue reading

REVIEW: Hotel Chocolat Summer

I’ve recently been trying out Hotel Chocolat – Summer Fusions Sleekster box.  The collection includes fruity flavours, caramels and nutty mixes.

The chocolates feel very indulgent, something you can savour rather than devour!  Personally I prefer them at room temperature as the choclate and flavours combine better. During the heatwave last week we had to put them in the fridge – well I didn’t want them to melt!!  Tasting them straight out of the fridge gives you a different taste experience as the chocolate cracks open to reveal the cool inner flavours!

soosie wales, hotel chocolat, summer sleekster


Some of the flavours are :

  • Summer Cooler – Apple, cucumber and mint – yeah I know weird.. This one wasn’t unpleasant but did taste rather strange.
  • Blackcurrant Bombe – WOW this one really is a bomb – the flavour explodes in your mouth.  Hubby’s favourite.
  • Burnt Caramel – I’m not a lover of caramels normally and this one was the last one in the box.. ah…. BUT it was lovely, slightly smokey soft caramel – one of favourites.
  • Pineapple and Coconut – a white chocolate coat on this one. It tasted really refreshing.
  • Peach & Hazelnut Gratin – Fruity ganache and nutty praline topped with a whole hazelnut – This one was my ultimate favourite.

The above selection is £24 – a good price for the quality that they are. They also have smaller selections if your budget won’t stretch.

Why not pop over to Hotel Chocolat Summer to see for yourself.


I received the above selection in return for an review. All words and opinions are my own. 

Week 31 #Project365 – 2014

Slow and quiet week for us. Didn’t go far and didn’t do very much.

Sunday – A second night of the neighbour’s security light shining through our windows and coming on at the slightest breath of air. He put it up on Friday and then went away on Saturday.. fortunately he came back on Sunday afternoon. Hubby popped over to tell him about the light and he was up and down the ladders from around 9;30 until 11pm! He eventually got the timer right and pointed the light down.. Phew thank goodness!!

Monday – a visit to the hospital for Hubby for a routine test.

Tuesday – a tidy up and washed the kitchen down. Cooker, cabinets, tiles, worktops, floor all done. Takes some time to do (I have a BIG kitchen!)
I made Toad in Hole for tea and was impressed with how much it rose.. looked more like toad in the sinkhole!! The dish is about 2 inches deep and it was easily 3 to 4 inches above the rim!

Wednesday – Orange Wednesday this week was Hercules. Some of the reviews were mixed, saying it couldn’t make up it’s mind if it’s an action film or a comedy. I could see what they meant, it is full of action but there are some funny lines that cut through the drama. At first it feels unnecessary but it just becomes part of the film.  On the whole it is an enjoyable romp.

Thursday/Friday trundled about the house, catching up on competitions and reviewing our finances. BORING!!!

Saturday – A celebratory lunch out with our best friends. From the first day they moved to their new house, nearly two years ago, they’ve been pestered in one way and another by their neighbours and it all resulted in a court case and an ASBO being granted against the neighbours. If it had been happening to us I’d have been sectioned by now!

soosie wales, flowers, #365

Above – Flowers in the garden, Orange Wednesday, Toad in the Hole, Bright light. 

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Week 30 #Project365 – 2014

This is a dual post for #365 and #Countrykids

We didn’t do much at the start of the week.  Just pottering about in the garden and the house.

Monday – Started on a summer selection from Hotel Chocolate – review to be done next few days. – So far very nice!

Tuesday - #Countrykids We had Ashley for the day and took him to Greenmeadow Community Farm.  We used to take our boys there when they were younger. We had a lovely few hours  there. As we went in there were bags of food for the animals so we bought some for the chickens, rabbits and goats.
Our first stop was the Cwtch Corner where Ashley got to cuddle a small chicken, he didn’t like it very much! We went on to feed some chickens and rabbits which he liked better as the animals were enclosed.
Next up was watching a cow being milked, followed by a short tractor ride. When we got off the tractor we walked through the main barn to look at the cows, pigs and goats. Ashley loved looking at them but didn’t like having food put in his open hand to feed them.. although he doesn’t say much he knew how to say ‘ they bite me’!
We then went down to the picnic area to have our lunch, making sure we all thoroughly washed our hands first!.  After lunch we walked around the bottom pens where there were pigs and sheep. Then back up to see the Dragon, the water gathers in it’s mouth and tips open to splash you a little. (this used to be an open area where kids could get wet but the H&S police have arrived now!!)

Ashley was a pleasure to take, he’s so calm now and prepared to still still while things are going on.

Soosie wales, Greenmeadow Community Farm

Greenmeadow Community Farm


Wednesday – Orange Wednesday – Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. We hadn’t planned on watching it but the previous film – Rise of the Planet of the Apes had been on TV earlier in the week and we watched that thinking if it was good we’d go to see Dawn.  Must admit it was really good and Andy Serkis is phenomenal as Caesar.

Thursday – Pottering about the house – Hubby’s idea of watering the garden – sitting on his sunbed and aiming the water – he makes me laugh!!

Friday – Hooray the new window panel arrived. For those that don’t know – they made a unit that bore no resemblance to the original so they took the old one away and used the glazing bars inside it to make a new unit.  Only took 2 weeks!!

Saturday - Nothing going on – sitting here doing this post and baking in the heat!

soosie wales, Above – One last one of Ashley with his lovely grin, Orange Wednesday, Watering the garden, Chocolate!


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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


REVIEW: Hotter Shoes

I recently attended a Blogger Event at Hotter Shoes in Cardiff.  It was a great opportunity to meet up with some of the ladies I only know via blogging. Many thanks to TBAM of The BoyandMe for the invite. :)

We were welcomed by the ladies and gentlemen who work in the store – a lovely happy bunch!  Mel the PR lady told us a bit more about Hotter.

  • They started making slippers
  • Every pair of shoes have wiggle room for toes
  • The soles are filled with millions of air bubbles – one of the reasons why they are so comfy.
  • Over the past 4 years or so they’ve gone from 5 stores to 65 – not bad expansion in an age of recession!
  • They are the biggest UK sohe manufacturer – they make a pair of shoes every 20 seconds.

It was good to learn more about the company and to see and try on some of the shoes. I must admit that I have never been to Hotter shoes before and always thought that they were aimed at the ‘comfort minded’.  I was impressed by the variety of styles and why they can appeal to all ages.

After checking  their website a few days before and found several styles that took my fancy, I couldn’t wait to try them out!


soosie wales, hotter shoes,

Hotter Shoes – Hannah and Donna

I tried out some of the shoes but didn’t get that ‘these are right for me’ moment until I tried on the black Shake style.


soosie wales, hotter shoes,

Comfy Shake – Black

I’ve worn them a few times now and they are very comfortable.  They are so light you barely know you have them on. I’m really impressed with them!

Why not take a look at the website for yourself  Hotter can offer you 10% off plus free delivery you can use the following code PKCTEN and the terms and conditions are:

10% off plus FREE delivery is for first orders only. You are entitled to 10% off the total order value of any full priced items in the Hotter range (excluding shoe care products) plus FREE delivery.  This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offer or on Sale or Factory Clearance items and gift vouchers.


You can win a Juliet Handbag or a £20 voucher. (One winner will have the option of having the bag OR a voucher)

Just pop over to my Facebook Page Or if on a mobile enter via the Rafflecopter link (http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/c96d9e7f2/) – Remember to check the T&Cs on the bottom of the Rafflecopter.

I was allowed to choose one pair of shoes for myself in exchange for an honest review. 

Week 29 #Project365 – 2014

It’s been a bit of a roller-coaster week for me.  (If you want the happier part start at Wednesday!)

The start of the week was spent reviewing our finances now that Hubby’s JSA has ended.  Making a decision whether to take his personal pension when he hits 60 next year or to leave it in to accrue for a few more years.  Working out how long our savings will last if neither of us get a job soon. We’ll actually do ok for a good while but I’d prefer not to use the savings we worked so hard to get.
There’s also the realisation that we’re not likely to have another ‘posh’ holiday – that makes me really miserable!

I’ve  been missing my son in Australia.  I really should stop watching programmes showing Australia! They remind me of just how far away he is.

Wednesday – No Orange Wednesday again so we decided to curl up on the sofa with drinks and sweeties to watch Warhorse.

Thursday – Needed a cheer up – Hubby suggested a day out so we headed for Blaenavon to take a look at the Iron Works and the Rhumney Brewery visitor centre.  The Iron Works are very interesting and there are also Ironworkers cottages to take a look at. A good area to spend an hour or two. I’ve always been interested in local history and enjoy seeing Cordell Country.
We also popped along to the Rhumney Brewery. You can see beers being made and you also get to taste some.
On the way back down the valley we stopped off in Cwmbran for a late lunch and ended up in Tiffins – an all you can eat buffet Indian. It’s usually very good but today it was mediocre at best. I can make a better curry than the ones on offer today!

Just after we got home we had a visit from OS and Ashley.  Ash has settled down so much in the past few weeks, he’s much calmer and doesn’t run about all the time. We sat in the garden while he played on his bike.

Friday – woke up with an almighty migraine. I’m so glad my medication works reasonably quickly.  I didn’t feel up to going food shopping so just made a list – argh – so much store cupboard supplies running low.  That’s what you get for not going to a proper supermarket for 4 weeks. Aldi just can’t cut it for a full shop – plus the place depresses me and I’m already falling off the sane wagon!!
We had a daytime visit from a small hedgehog.  We gave it a little bit of cat food and it eventually went on it’s way. Hubby stayed in the garden to make sure Molly Cat didn’t bother it.

Saturday – food shopping today – a proper full shop in Asda.

blaenavon ironworks, rhymney brewery, hedgehog


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